About Us

Bradshaw & Knowun (Who We Are)

Bradshaw & Knowun is Bill Bradshaw providing the music and engineering duties and Kevin Knowun who wrote the songs and provided the vocals.

Background (Our Music)

Kevin is from Alberta and Bill is from B.C. Our roots are in the West Coast of Canada and is reflected in the clean old school sound.

    Recording details for those interested. Some of these tools were employed to make the album:
  • 1965 Gibson ES175 hollowbody
  • 1973 Gibson Les Paul Custom (Mahogany/Ebony Kalamazoo, MI)
  • 1974 Fender Stratocaster (Ash Fullerton, CA)
  • 1975 Fender F85 acoustic (similar to Martin D28)
  • 1981 Guild D212 12 string acoustic (Mahogany/Westerly, RI)
  • MusicMan Luke electric guitar (EMG Active PUPs)
  • Yamaha acoustic/electric guitar
  • Drum software (EZDrummer Toontrack Drumkit From Hell)
  • Genesis Odyssey bass guitar with graphite neck (Bartolini PUPs)
  • BR1600CD with modelling (mic, guitar, amp, speaker) and effects
  • Roland GR20 Guitar Synthesizer GK3 divided pickup MIDI and 1/4
  • Condenser microphones with tube pre-amps (XLR, 1/4, USB)
  • VOX modelling amp and BOSS ME50 effects for mic'd amp
  • Altec Lansing speakers and headphones for playback system