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* old school rock * Bradshaw and Knowun (What's New)

We have done an old school pop rock album. It is all original and is pretty clean in terms of the music and the lyrics. Check it out and see if you like it...Karaoke version included on Youtube playlist.

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Past Lives (Overview)

We have been playing for a long time in garage bands, professional appearances and in studio sessions. This is our first collaboration. Kevin wrote these songs and sang them. He also plays the acoustic guitar. Bill played the drums, bass, rhythm guitar and lead guitar. Bill did the recording, sound engineering, producing and mastering.

Released November 7, 2014 on CDBaby.com::bradshaw & knowun

    Album Name: How Deep
  • Track 1: I Like What You Do
  • Track 2: How Deep
  • Track 3: Strawberry Bomb
  • Track 4: Rhythm and Melody
  • Karaoke Version of How Deep available upon request. Removed the lead vocals, added perfect fifth backing harmony vocals, added a heavier sounding rhythm guitar.